Sexual harassment according to UN Women has been defined as: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in exchange for grades, or some other benefit. This also includes unwanted sexual advances on digital platforms.

Please visit You will see a blue icon tagged; ‘Blow the Whistle’. Click on that and proceed to make your report.

Anyone in a tertiary institution, college of education and polytechnic can report cases of sexual harassment.

A case management officer will be assigned to your case and will forward it to the relevant responding agency.

Yes, you are required to file your report anonymously.

In this scenario, your report becomes a matter of public record and your identity and important matters of the case will have to be shared with the police agency.

Your case management officer will update your case file as progress is made. You can always log in to the platform to check on the status. You will be given a reference number to track the progress of your report.

No. This platform is strictly for the reporting of sexual harassment cases that occur in tertiary institutions. However, if you are need of support, we can refer you to one of our partner agencies.